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Fine Art & Photography

Fine Art and Photography

Fine Art and Photographic Reproduction - The fine art market is dominated by aqueous inkjet printers that continue to deliver the ultimate in image quality. Recent advances in inkjet technology include delivering exceptional gamut and image quality with Roland Eco-Sol Max ink. A growing number of professionals are using Roland eco-solvent printers including VersaArt, VersaCAMM and SolJet XF  models to produce fine art reproductions and murals for display in hotels, retail locations and other venues. Metallic colours add brilliance to any of these applications and can be created with Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink featured in SOLJET PRO4 XF-640 and VersaCAMM VS-640 printer/cutter

Printed Fabric Decor - Office and home décor is fast becoming a lucrative market for Roland’s VersaArt RT-640 sublimation printer. The RT-640 is currently serving select shops to produce large, fabric fine art reproductions, murals and decorative fine art prints. The RT-640’s sublimation inks produce dense, rich colours, making them well suited for a range of decor applications. In addition, fabric prints can enhance the acoustics of a room, a factor that is increasingly important as interiors continue to feature many hard surfaces such as granite, tile and hardwood.