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Print & Cut

Print and Cut


VG2-540_photo_fr_with_sample_dpTrueVIS VG2-640/540 -The new VG2 offers a host of technological advancements to improve both printing and cutting accuracy for reliable results during unattended operation. With new middle pinch rollers raise automatically prior to starting the cutting process for unattended operation, New crop mark options for cutting laminated printed materials in combination with optimised pinch roller pressure provide more stable cutting performance and a new take-up unit supports two modes according to the type of media chosen, securing take-up stability for smooth post processes.For more information click here TrueVIS VG2-640/540.


SG2-640_photo_fr_dpTrueVIS SG2-640/540/300 - Meet the TrueVIS SG2 series: a true partner for your business. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to take your business to the next level, SG2 printer/cutters deliver the trusted quality of the award-winning TrueVIS brand with a streamlined workflow and the super-fast same-day turnaround speeds you need. TR2 inks produce stunning, vibrant colours across a huge range of applications - from signs, labels and heat transfers, to car wraps and so much more. For more information click here TrueVIS SG2-640/540/300.


VG-640_frontTrueVIS VG-640/540 - With the new TrueVIS VG Series, we didn’t just make a few upgrades to our print/cut technology - we reimagined everything. New Roland DG FlexFire print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently. New inks that are more vibrant and cost-effective. New cutting technology that increases accuracy.  The future of print/cut has arrived. For more information click here TrueVIS VG-640/540.

TrueVIS SG-540/300 -  Build an unbeatable business with the TrueVIS SG Series printer/cutters. Representing an exciting new era in outstanding colour vibrancy and advanced print and cut functionality, the TrueVIS SG Series includes user-friendly new features to optimise your wide format print production.  For more information click here TrueVIS SG-540/300.

XR640thumbSOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 - Production. Perfected. That's what you get with the new SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640. Roland's fastest, most powerful large-format color printer/cutter ever, the 64-inch Pro 4 ushers in a new era of quality, precision and performance.  For more information click here XR-640

SP540thumbVersaCAMM® VS Series Wide-Format Printer/Cutters - The new VS Series offers everything users already love about VersaCAMM inkjets…and more. The VersaCAMM the world’s best-selling printer – high-density eco-solvent ink, integrated contour cutting, ease of use, versatility and dependability. For more information click here VS 300i/540i/640i

SP540thumbVersaCAMM® SP Series Wide-Format Printer/Cutters- The VersaCAMM SP series is the industry’s most versatile entry-level device, combining 4-color printing and contour cutting all in one device through one seamless workflow. For more information click here SP-300i SP-540i

LEC330thumbVersaUV LEC series - Roland’s DPI award-winning VersaUV LEC series is the world’s first UV inkjet printer/cutter line and uses safe, low-heat LED lamps. Available in two 30” models, VersaUV prints CMYK + White + Clear for unmatched color, texture and dimension.  For more information click here LEC 300A and LEC 330

BN20thumbVersaSTUDIO BN-20 - The BN-20-inch inkjet printer/cutter, the possibilities are endless. This powerful, yet compact printer includes everything you need to print and cut high quality durable graphics right at your desktop. Add stunning metallic effects, perfect for premium brands. Display your graphics indoors or out for lasting impact. A complete low-cost solution, the BN-20 is a great investment for your growing business. For more information click here BN-20